Organic Cinnamon Toothpaste made by Krista’s Natural Products – 75 g (2.6 oz)

Organic Cinnamon Toothpaste made by Krista’s Natural Products – 75 g (2.6 oz)

Our cinnamon toothpaste starts with mineral-rich, calcium bentonite clay from Texas. We add low-sodium trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake and finish with organic steam distilled true cinnamon bark oil to give our toothpaste a mild, sweet cinnamon flavor.

Why clay? This clay has a high pH (alkaline) which promotes tooth remineralization and provides a full range of minerals, salts, and elements. Clay is a unique abrasive because of its sheetlike crystal structure. In water these sheets or platelets delaminate and become very small, sub-micron particles. It is also softer than silica and other conventionally used toothpaste abrasives.

Net weight: 75 gram (2.6 ounce)

Calcium Bentonite (clay), Water, Sea Water Extract/Ionic Sea Minerals, Organic Cinnamon Oil.

We suggest obtaining a peppercorn-sized amount of toothpaste directly from jar using clean brush bristles, fingertip, spoon, et cetera and brush as normal. It is completely safe to swallow, but we suggest to spit and rinse. Adjust toothpaste amount to meet your desired flavor intensity and personal brushing preference.

Also available in peppermint and spearmint flavors.

Clay-based and loaded with minerals, its high alkalinity (high pH) supports remineralization
Simple, natural, organic ingredients: Calcium Bentonite (mineral clay), Water, Sea Water Extract, Organic True Cinnamon Bark Oil
Packaged in glass jar with metal lid
Made in USA
Also available in Peppermint and Spearmint

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