The Citizen Saga Book Bundle (Citizen Saga, Books 1-3): A Dystopian Romantic Suspense Series

The Citizen Saga Book Bundle (Citizen Saga, Books 1-3): A Dystopian Romantic Suspense Series

Have you been a model Citizen today?

In a world where rules define model behaviour, and stepping outside the parameters set has drastic consequences, one woman inadvertently starts a war. But although Honourable Selena Carstairs has had everything she ever wanted handed to her on a silver platter, she has never truly conformed.

But her rebellion is nothing compared to what lurks beneath the blistering heat and beautiful perfection of the lush city of Wánměi. The true revolution is led by a man who was raised to question the world around him. And Citizen Trent Masters is determined to make the stunning Elite he meets question her surroundings as well.

Together they embark on a battle that brings heartache and destruction to their beautiful city-state, but also promises the freedom they both desperately desire.

But what looks only oppressive becomes so much more, when powers outside their understanding move to take over their world. 

Travel to a seductive world of blistering heat, beautiful perfection and deadly rules in this enthralling series of romantic novels.

Citizen versus Elite. The battle has begun!

The Citizen Saga Book Bundle (Book 1-3) includes the first three books in the captivating series readers can’t stop raving about.

“ELITE.WAS.AWESOME! No joke, this book was freaking amazing. It has a dash of romance, lots of intrigue, and wonderful characters who fight for what they believe in!” ~ Whitney Martin (Shooting Stars Reviews)

“This book gives you everything yet leaves you wanting so much more…If you’re looking for a book to mix up your usual reading list then I seriously recommend this to you. I’m positive you’ll be like me and won’t be able to put it down!” ~ Charmaine (Once Upon A Book Blog)

Wow! I think I just found my best read of the year, so far.”  ~ Jamie Webb (Sweet Street Seducers)

This series is complete and includes the following titles:

The Citizen Saga is an enthralling dystopian series with hints of cyberpunk, romantic suspense and heart palpitating adventure. This story contains a kick-butt heroine, a handsome & dedicated hero, villains in all guises including mechanical, and the occasional use of graphic language and adult themes throughout.

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