Do Earth-Dog-Space-Alien Mutants Walk Among Us?

Do Earth-Dog-Space-Alien Mutants Walk Among Us?

Halfway to Earth, something happened.

Instead of the silky ears of a Golden Retriever, Angel has ear tubes! It’s not what he’d hoped for but their phenomenal hearing power might be an asset in his search for home and family.

The Night Dogs, the homeless strays, welcome this strange new creature into their pack. Their leader is Boss, a fearsome Rottweiler. Boss’s first concern is his human companion, his Old Friend. His second concern is the pack, the other homeless strays. Someone has to keep order and that someone is Boss.

The Day Dogs have homes and families. Lester is a favorite. A big, handsome Standard Poodle with fabulous hair, he reluctantly serves as the Show-Dog-Style-Model for Francine, the dog groomer. For his mother, Lucy, he feigns interest in the Top Show Dog Champion Crown.

Lester’s favorite feature is his huge nose. It’s not Poodle but it’s powerful! Today: hair-do model. Tomorrow: Crime-Sniffing Police Poodle!

Will Angel’s ear tubes ever grow fur? Will Lester run away to pursue his own dreams?

A chance meeting with Boss changes everything.

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