TSN: Exploring the World (TSN: The Sea of Grass Book 2)

TSN: Exploring the World (TSN: The Sea of Grass Book 2)

Exploring the World takes place four years after the events in the Sea of Grass.

The Seventh Fleet of the Southron Confederation is near the end of it’s eight year tour of the Southron Confederation’s borders.This marks the end and the beginning of new phases in the lives of Dave and his Wife Helen’s lives. They are about to embark on a voyage of discovery that has as it’s goal the detailed mapping and survey of the ‘World’s’ terrain as well as mineral, animal and other riches.

This novel is about how they set out to do this monumental task and gather additional people to assist them in it. Along the way they will discover ancient crimes and atrocities, modern Human ones and how the ancient conflict of World War II on Earth is still being fought in the shadows here upon the ‘World’. Change has come to the ‘World’. Dave and his family are soon stuck in the middle of it all.

There is still one more book planned in this series and I hope to publish it Before January 2015.

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