Excel for Landmen and the Oil & Gas Attorney

Excel for Landmen and the Oil & Gas Attorney

A textbook style, fully illustrated presentation of Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 starting at a basic level and progressing to more specific Excel topics of particular interest to Landmen and the Oil & Gas Attorney. Includes coverage of common Excel workbooks and worksheets used by Landmen including: Lease Take-Off, Runsheet or Chain of Title Flowchart, Mineral Ownership Break Down Report, Daily Mileage Log, Tract Report, Expense Report, and the Division of Interest.
This book concentrates on Excel and the skills needed by Landmen and Oil & Gas Attorneys. Because of the concentrated focus of this book, you will notice it has a unique format. We start off with a detailed look at common Excel spreadsheets used by Landmen and some unique Division of Interest worksheets developed by Jay Turner, CPL. Then we start with Excel basics because not everyone has had experience with Excel. Some basic but important computer skills are also reviewed. Charting and pivot tables are not addressed because these topics are of more interest to marketing and sales than the Landman profession. Instead, we focus on Excel topics of interest to Landmen. For instance an entire chapter is devoted to working with maps and flowcharting because Landmen work extensively with maps and flowcharts documenting and reporting the chain of title. Formatting, editing, formulas and functions are all discussed using examples and screenshots from Landman workbooks.
We wrote this book because no other book exists on Microsoft Excel written specifically for Landmen and Oil & Gas Attorneys. We hope that you find it to be an excellent learning tool that fits your needs.

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