CD Maker 2000 Pro 5 USA

CD Maker 2000 Pro 5 USA

CD Maker 2000 Professional is a great solution for your entire CD recording needs. Sporting an intuitive user interface with powerful features, CD Maker 2000 is perfect for the novice user as well as the professional.

Compile your own audio CDs from your favorite music tracks. Burn MP3 files into CD tracks. Rip any CD track into an MP3 file. Optimize the sound quality of your music with the pop/click and hiss filter. You can also view your CD capacity at a glance with the graphical usage meter. Burn data CDs to archive or backup your files and folders. Make custom jewel box labels from templates or your own designs. CD Maker also includes support for video-CD, allowing you to convert MPEG files into a video CD. CD Extra and Mixed-Mode formats are also supported.

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