Signs of Meaning in the Universe (Advances in Semiotics)

Signs of Meaning in the Universe (Advances in Semiotics)

From reviews for the bestselling Danish edition:

… dashing and idiomatic language that is a pleasure to read.” ―Berlingske Tidende

… an appetizer and eye opener… Hoffmeyer is a modernistic pioneer in the wide open spaces of the natural sciences… ” ―Politiken

… extremely well written and interesting manifesto for a bioanthropology… ” ―Inf.

It should be read by anyone who likes to be wiser and at the same time to be challenged in his habitual conception of the relations between culture and nature.” ―Weekend Avisen

On this tour of the universe of signs, Jesper Hoffmeyer travels back to the Big Bang, visits the tiniest places deep within cells, and ends his journey with us―complex organisms capable of speech and reason. What propels this journey is Hoffmeyer’s attempt to discover how nature could come to mean something to someone―by telling the story of how cells, tissue, organs, plants, animals, even entire ecosystems communicate by signs and signals.

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