Quos Ego

Quos Ego

A novel of a near-future world where individual liberty, national sovereignty, and sacred conscience are threatened by an authoritarian regime which uses implant technology and surveillance to control the populace. It is centered around Brussels, the capital of the mega-nation United Europe, which since the collapse of the dollar has drawn in most of Europe and America. A United European government official defects to Poland upon learning of the Quos Ego campaign to stamp out the government’s critics while sanitizing their deaths. Simultaneously, an aged Polish-born American – the sole remaining survivor of the mass outbreak of Jews from Sobibor Nazi concentration camp – leaves the US to visit his homeland one last time. Separately, their actions and words inspire a revolt against the oppressive regime. Texas, an ally of Poland and now an independent nation, scrambles to defend itself against an expanding and increasingly hostile United Europe. The biggest obstacle of all seems to be the apathy of a populace which has been placated by the use and ease of technology.

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