BJC LC-1 Stereo Audio Cables, 6 foot

BJC LC-1 Stereo Audio Cables, 6 foot

Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 Stereo Audio Cables, 6 foot

This pair of stereo audio cables is manufactured by Blue Jeans Cable in our assembly shop in Seattle, Washington. The cable stock, LC-1, is our own proprietary design: a low-capacitance cable with a pair of heavy 95% coverage bare copper shield braids for the maximum in low-frequency noise rejection. The two cables in the pair are separate–not joined to one another–for high flexibility.

What Makes a Good Audio Cable?

There’s a lot of nonsense on the internet about fancy analog audio cables; the reality is that the requirements for unbalanced (or, if you like, “RCA”) audio cable are very simple, if seldom properly addressed. As a high-impedance circuit, an analog audio signal is subject to high-frequency rolloff from excess capacitance, which is caused by conductors being too near each other or separated by a low-quality dielectric. And because unbalanced audio is not balanced, there is no common-mode noise rejection; noise rejection depends entirely upon shield effectiveness.

The LC-1 Design

We designed LC-1 with a small center conductor and a large diameter PE foam (or, if you prefer fancy terms, “nitrogen-injected”) dielectric, resulting in extremely low capacitance — about 12.2 pF/foot. Outside of that dielectric, we put two bare copper shield braids, each with 95% coverage; at audio frequencies, braid is far more effective than foil, and this is as heavy a shield as you’ll find on any audio interconnect.

Designed, Cabled and Assembled in the USA

The bulk cable stock is made to our design by Belden in Richmond, Indiana, and we assemble these cables in our shop in Seattle, Washington.Low capacitance — 12 pF/foot — prevents high frequency rolloff
Double bare copper braid shielding provides the best in EMI rejection available in an unbalanced (RCA) cable design
Taversoe RCA plugs provide a firm grip on jacks without the over-tight grasp that can damage equipment
Assembled in the US from US-made cable and imported connectors
CM rated (higher than CL2/3), making it legal for in-wall installation in NEC jurisdictions

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